Monni, perhaps the only pet you need. Keeps you cozy and parasite free.

Monni is a verification and security discord bot designed to be customizable while still being easy to use. Read more

Why monni?

Monni's systems allow you to keep your server more secure and easier to manage.

Easy to set up and use

  • Created with you in mind!
  • Highly configurable settings allow for finely tuning Monni to your needs.
  • Account statistics, so you can manage and view your members.
  • Verification roles to keep your server secure.


  • Over 50+ loggable events!
  • Fully configurable so you can build a system for you.
  • Detect who invited who with Invite Tracking.
  • Pair with Verification and keep track of your server!

Custom template engine

  • Choose what you need Monni to send.
  • Full power over what data you add to messages.
  • Ready made templates, so you'll get set up faster.
  • Embed support that makes your server stand out!

User Verification

  • Easy for members to use, and for you to set up.
  • Connect as many accounts as you need!
  • Many ways to verify so everyone is satisfied.
  • Easy to switch and remove accounts.

Well Documented

  • Full documentation of our software to help you out.
  • Easy and quick to read and use.
  • Detailed descriptions for even the smallest things.
  • Simple navigation for ease of use.

Point Economy

  • Give Points to members and design systems around your currency!
  • Put Roles, Nicknames and Badges up for sale.
  • Name the currency yourself.
  • Plenty of space for the Items you need!