Monni, perhaps the only pet you need. Keeps you cozy and parasite free.

Monni is a verification and security discord bot designed to be customizable while still being easy to use. Read more

Why Monni?

Monni's features allow for a more secure and easier to manage server.


  • Over 60+ loggable events!
  • Send logs to a channel of your choosing.
  • Detect who invited who with Invite Tracking.
  • Loggable events for Verification, Moderation and other modules.

Easy to set up and use

  • Monni is made for you.
  • Highly configurable settings allow for finely tuning Monni to your needs.
  • In depth statistics on connected accounts, just use a command!.
  • Secure your server with Milestone and Verification Roles.


  • Remove or replace slurs and NSFW content with our chat Filter!
  • Prevent members from spamming links, attachments and repeat phrases.
  • Log everything!
  • Highly configurable mod commands such as Warn, Ban and Purge.

User Verification

  • Simple, Swift and effective to use and set up.
  • Connect as many accounts as you need!
  • Many ways to verify so your members remain satisfied.
  • Quick and easy to remove and switch accounts.

In depth roling

  • Return roles to people who leave and rejoin!
  • Automatically role new members.
  • Synchronously role members with Role Chains!
  • Reaction roles that use emoji, text, or colour.

Point Economy

  • Name your own currency!
  • Put Roles, Nicknames and Badges up for sale.
  • Many ways for members to earn currency, or distribute it yourself!
  • Give roles, badges, currency and more with Milestones.